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What does the machine have to maintain common sense?
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

(1) white steel knife, also known as high-speed steel knife, has good toughness and high cutting efficiency, but poor cutting sharpness. It is necessary to adjust the rotation speed to make up for the lack of sharpness in the cutting process. This blade is mainly used for cutting PET material, PE material and other materials with high hardness. Relatively cheap, more practical, is a common tool.

(2) tungsten steel cutter, which has good brittleness and sharpness, is generally used for cutting soft materials like double-sided adhesive. The cutting precision of the cutter is good, and there are few burrs and silk edges in the cutting process. However, the tool is easy to collapse for the harder material. And cutter cost relatively more expensive, general manufacturers only used to cut tape, PE film, American paper and other texture of relatively soft materials.