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What are the reasons for the brittle seal of the cutting machine? What's the problem?
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

1. The hot sealing of edge slitting machine is not complete

Cause: poor anti - fouling and heat sealing. Solution: select the film with good anti-pollution thermal seal.

2. The heat seal appearance of edge slitting machine is not clear

Reason: the cooling time is too short. Solution: extend the cooling time appropriately.

Cause: poor contact of cooling plate. Solution: adjust the cooling plate.

Reason: the hot sealing knife has blunt hair. Solution: replace the hot sealing knife.

3. Poor heat sealing strength

Cause: improper heat sealing condition. Solution: adjust the heat seal conditions according to the raw materials of the film.

Cause: the inner seal film has a problem. Solution: add the thickness of the inner seal film.

Cause: dust and other substances adhere to the heat cover. Solution: check the treatment level of the hot cover.

Reasons for brittle and brittle sealing of edge cutting machine:

(1) the heat seal temperature is too high;

(2) excessive pressure;

(3) the heat seal time is too long;

(4) the marginal edge of the sealing device on the machine part of the sealing machine is too sharp or the teflon coated is damaged;

(5) the silicone rubber at the bottom seal of the machine bag cutting machine for edge bar cutting;

(6) during the compounding and maturation process, part of the adhesive enters the inner part of the film. Due to the immersion of adhesives on the base material, the endurance (resistance to impact) has decreased, brittle progress;

(7) after cooling and placing, the heat sealing strength of the plastic composite packaging bag increases, and it also tends to become brittle.


(1) select suitable processing temperature, pressure and heat seal time according to the thermal seal characteristics of the inner seal layer;

(2) improve the appearance of the hot-sealing cutter on the bag machine with the edge slitting mechanism to make the sealing device flat;

(3) cover with teflon cloth;

(4) select suitable hardness of silicon rubber gasket edge slitting machine.