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What are the operation requirements of the cutting machine?
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

Process requirements for operating slitting machine:

1. The cutting machine shall cut the whole roll or the whole piece of raw materials in a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging boxes, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc., all of which shall be operated with a fixed length.

2. The fixed-length slitting control can be divided into static and dynamic slitting: stop the machine accurately when the length is set, then cut the machine statically, and restart the operation after slitting; When the set length arrives, the cutting signal will be sent out without stopping the machine.

3. The most important functional goal of fixed-length slitting is precision of slitting and good length consistency of products.

4. The cutting length can be set successively. If the actual cutting length is wrong, it can be calibrated simply by setting the parameters.