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Application method of compound machine
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

1. After starting up and running, the main operator shall properly adjust the tension of the paper roller, the tension of the film roller and the compound pressure according to the operation status of the compound machine and the changes of the size of the paper roll and the film roll.

2. The main operator of the compound machine shall not leave the post or cross the post during the compound operation process, and take direct responsibility for the product quality control of the compound operation process.

3. During the operation process of the compound machine, the main operator of the compound machine will change the size of the winding and gradually adjust the speed adjustment knob of the torque motor controller to 1200(r/min), and the compound machine will start running at high speed.

4. In the process of compound operation, if wrinkle is found on the compound film, the main cause for wrinkle should be judged according to the actual situation. It should be checked whether it is from paper or from film, and then reasonable adjustment should be made immediately.