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The difference between slitting machine and cross-cutting machine
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

Cutting machine

The cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which divides the wide paper, mica tape or thin film into several narrow range materials. The cutting machine is mainly used for cutting mica tape, paper, insulating material and thin film, especially suitable for cutting narrow band (insulating material, mica tape, thin film, etc.). Cutting machine is a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, mica tape, etc. Various kinds of thin material cutting into different width smaller volume before printing, post-press equipment, often used in paper making machinery and printing and packaging machinery cutting machine from single to double motors, motor control three motor development, under the condition of machine speed is more stable and efficient.

Cut machine

Crosscut machine belongs to carton processing machinery. The cross-cutting machine in corrugated board production line is the mechanical equipment for cutting the finished cardboard by the cadres. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment will directly affect whether the cutting size of the finished cardboard is accurate, whether the pressure line is broken and whether the incision appearance is smooth and beautiful. Crosscut machine is suitable for various types of paper longitudinal and transverse cut. Such as gold and silver paper, plain rainbow paper, laser anti-counterfeiting paper, whiteboard paper and all kinds of thin paper. Widely applicable to brand, cigarette label, calendar, wine box, poker, paper and plastic printing composite material transverse or longitudinal shear.