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Laser electric lighter/protective film bonding machine
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

Laser perforation and cutting machine for all kinds of paper tape, yellow paper tape perforation.

Characteristics of laser jet perforation cutting machine for caulking paper:

(1) frequency conversion is adopted for speed adjustment, which is convenient for speed adjustment.

(2) air pressure control is adopted for unwinding, electromagnetic tension is adopted for rewinding, and air shaft rewinding is adopted.

(3) the length of the two-section electronic meter is used, and the length is calculated accurately.

(4) line pressing, punching, slitting and length counting.

Technical features of paper slitting machine:

Power: 5 kw - 380 - v.

External pressure :5kg/cm.

Effective width of roll up and down :1600mm.

Width of sliver :45mm,48mm,50mm.