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Mesh with slitting machine
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

The mesh belt slitting machine is mainly used for cutting plastic film, non-woven cloth, mesh belt slitting, reel and aluminum foil etc. Main features: horizontal machine, smooth operation, suitable for medium speed operation, highest cutting speed up to 120 m/min, simple maintenance, low fault rate. Structural features: 1. The air expansion shaft is adopted for unwinding, which is fast in speed and high in efficiency; 2. 2. Automatic deviation correction and high cutting precision (optional) are adopted for unrolling. 3. The double winding shaft adopts air expansion shaft, 4. The tension of winding and unwinding is independently controlled by large self-magnetic powder clutch. 5. Independent electric control cabinet, microcomputer integrated control, winding count, automatic meter ordering and stopping; 6. All aluminum guide rolls of the whole machine are made of high-hardened guide rolls produced by the whole company in Shanghai, Taiwan. 7. Available round knife and chip knife (according to user needs)