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Slitting paper tape round hole cutter
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2018-09-15

Slitting paper tape slitting machine (white paper tape slitting machine) suitable for kraft paper tape slitting width can be adjusted arbitrarily.

It is especially suitable for slitting paper tape. The machine can punch holes, press lines and slitting at one time. The production efficiency is high and the speed is fast.


1. The machine adopts frequency conversion for speed adjustment, which is convenient for speed adjustment;

2. The unwinding adopts electric rectifying;

3. Use two sections of length to calculate accurately;

4. Magnetic powder tension control is adopted for both winding and unwinding.

Technical features:

1. External dimensions; 2500 * 3000 * 1300

2. Weight: 1000KG

3. Power: 5kw-380v

4. External pressure: 5kg/cm2

5. Inner diameter of paper roll pipe 3"

6. The effective width of delivery is 1000mm.